Slick can you get this fixed

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Slick can you get this fixed

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You might need to phone Trump but this is a travesty, the only options are chicken salt and or tomato sauce :evil: ... 29c7473c35

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Re: Slick can you get this fixed

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We have scallops in the UK too - a slice of potato about the same size and shape as a hamburger, deep fried in batter. Anything that you'd put on your chips (that's proper chips - not crisps, not french fries, but proper chips) is good for a scallop - so salt and vinegar are totally acceptable as are mushy peas. Tomato or brown sauce is ok; curry sauce or gravy is pushing it but not uncivilised. wtf is ranch dressing?

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Re: Slick can you get this fixed

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ginger_cat wrote:
Fri Dec 21, 2018 10:46 pm
wtf is ranch dressing?
Trust me ... you don't want to know.

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