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Post by Jumoschwanz » Sun Sep 02, 2012 12:11 pm

There are a few non-MOD servers I will jump onto by direct IP once every week or two. Not so often during the summer, maybe a little more during the winter.

The self-interests, politics and treachery of IL2 squads and their members is what degraded the online IL2 experience, their managing of servers and Hyperlobby has always been ridiculous.

I have not had Hyperlobby installed for a while now. Most all on it fly some combination of MODS or open cockpit which I will of course not touch.

Vinni-Puh server Is worth checking out. It is very nice how it is still up and hardly changed at all after so many years. If you want the real flavor of how it was to fly IL2 online before the MODS give it a try.

There is one old IL2 squad that never switched to MODS or hacks that I have a nice laid-back time practicing with now and then.

Does War-Clouds still run a no-mod server?

Offline is still fun every now and then just to keep from getting completely out of practice, but it is surely not as fun as flying online with a bunch of good friends.

It is nice to see that this forum is back up.

Surely IL2 is the best all-round PC flight sim out there. I doubt if anything will ever knock it off it's perch. I messed with COD a little bit but it is surely a underdeveloped, flawed POS and I think it was basically stillborn and will never be successful, it's time is already passed. Too bad.

There is a core of those who have been flying IL2 for over a decade now and probably will always keep it on their hard drive. Some of us are getting old and dying. Everyone on one squad I have fun with now and then is a half-century to three quarters of a century old and are in and out of doctors and hospitals with sometimes serious ailments. Eventually maybe IL2 will be a Forgotten Battle when we all just drop dead.

I will still fly using the "Jumoschwanz" handle on VinniPuh and a few other servers I don't have a history of being banned from.....


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