WarbirdsofPrey, if you can't shoot them kick them! Really...

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Re: WarbirdsofPrey, if you can't shoot them kick them! Really...

Post by Jumoschwanz » Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:12 am

Reservoir_Dog wrote:Hey Jumo.....
Why was that chase being filmed in the first place?

??? I have over four-hundred tracks that I have saved since IL2 FB came out in 2003. I am always amazed when I run into people who have flown this sim for years and they never have used the track feature. I started flying with one of the oldest squads on HL about a year ago for practice, and none of them had ever taken any tracks! One of them was having trouble with gunnery and I said why don't you take some tracks and see where your shots are going, and he said "how do you do that?"! This is a squad that has been around since "The Zone" flying CFS2!

I have always taken tracks whenever I fight so I can review them later, it is just common sense to me if you want to improve what you are doing.

At times I have taken tracks of server maps so I can review them and do better at ground attack next time I fly there also.

Often I will forget the track is activated, so I have accidentally taken some 45 minute+ really boring tracks, but what the hell, I will save them because there is shit happening on them that I figure someday SOMEONE might be interested in.

I would love to find someone else who has taken tracks over the years so I could check them out and maybe make some more vintage IL2 movies for my YouTube channel here:


I have tracks on the channel from 2003 on up if anyone is nostalgic to see some of the old-dogs names pop up in the chat bar. Also I tried to put some "how-to" tracks up for people who are looking for help on some facet of IL2 combat..


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Re: WarbirdsofPrey, if you can't shoot them kick them! Really...

Post by DKoor » Tue Mar 30, 2010 10:51 am

I always track my flights too, if that helps anyone...

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