Empty glider crashes in Ultrapack 2.0.....

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Empty glider crashes in Ultrapack 2.0.....

Post by Jumoschwanz » Sun Feb 14, 2010 12:26 pm

What happened here?:


Looks like a thousand pound bomb hit huh? No, it is where an empty glider crashed in IL246 patched with Ultr@pack 2.0.

Why am I showing you this? First of all it is ridiculous to have such an explosion represent where an empty glider has hit the ground, but most importantly it is to show how Ultr@pack 2.0, and mods in general are produced by a bunch of bored "gamers" apparently weened on console action games,MTV and action films.

The modders that produce unoffical shit like this are not interested in history, accuracy, or flight sims, they are interested in special interests and easy and mindless ENTERTAINMENT.

If you are very familiar with flying the official version of IL246, and then spend some time in a modded IL2 installation such as Ultr@pack2.0, you will notice a lot more cheap looking action-film like effects such as the glider crash above, entertaining for teenagers, but not realistic or historical, or a simulation of anything right?

Also, you will notice that it is suddenly very easy, even on hard settings, to shoot down aircraft with light hits and even light armament, thirty cal. guns for instance. It is even easier to provoke the appearance of action-film like effects on other aircraft with your gunnery.

And speaking of gunnery, it of course does not have to be very good at all because of the light hits needed to disable or explode your opponent.

All this boils down to a degradation of the flight simulator IL246, and a degradation of the quality of those flying it. The mods are changing IL246 from a flight simulator to a playstation-like game where kiddies can be entertained and have an easy time making things explode.

UBISOFT and it's official forum for IL2 does not care about this subject and in fact bans discussion like this!

The only people that can make a difference are those flying online. The virtual pilots of IL246 can choose to wait and fly official patches of the sim on servers that support those, and they can choose to pass the word and to ignore public servers that run unofficial mods.

If enough pilots support IL246 in it's official form, in the long run it will have a much longer life of higher quality, and may even still make those putting work into developing it some compensation for their time.

Thanks and S!

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Re: Empty glider crashes in Ultrapack 2.0.....

Post by Tolwyn » Fri Mar 12, 2010 5:15 pm

Use effects low in the Jsgeme thingy.


Re: Empty glider crashes in Ultrapack 2.0.....

Post by Pudfark » Sun Mar 14, 2010 5:41 pm

Your opinion is noted...~S~

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Re: Empty glider crashes in Ultrapack 2.0.....

Post by JoeA » Mon Mar 15, 2010 10:52 am

Haven't played online for over a year because of this shit. :(

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